Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 10th October 2019

Newsletter for August - September - October 2019.

Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your Presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there, If I make my bed in in the depths (hell - sheol - grave) you are there If I rise on the wings of the dawn, If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast
Psalm 139

Hello, everyone!! Thank you for your prayers and support since our last missive! These verses were highlighted to me whilst preparing for a meeting a few weeks ago. It's so good to know that, wherever we go, God is with us!


As mentioned last time, this and our previous newsletter have been three-monthers, due to our recent house move and my illness during the summer. Our next issue, dated November – December, will bring us back on an even keel.


Special thanks this time to Bethesda Free Church, South Shields, who have faithfully supported us for many years. We thank them for their recent cheque towards our support, and for their prayers and friendship as we have served God both in Romania and in the US.


Since we last wrote, we have been very busy – the new season has begun church-wise, and things in general seem to be hotting up. There is still work to be done on the house, including several major projects before the winter sets in, and we are succeeding in tackling smaller work in between our busy schedules both inside and outside the Church.

Ian started back in August at PADS, serving breakfast on Monday and Friday mornings. He has met with some old friends, back in the shelter after a summer spent who knows where, and many new ones; currently, there are over fifty clients staying at the shelter – many more than usual at this time of year. Please pray for the work of PADS and for Ian as he serves faithfully two mornings a week.

Sue has been working at Lilypads Too every Monday morning, having taken some time off when suffering from pneumonia earlier this year. She has recently made the prayerful decision to leave this voluntary post, and gave four weeks notice, which she has now worked through. Sue set up the book section of the charity shop starting in June last year, and feels that now is the time to move on. More volunteers are being recruited and hopefully one of them will join Sue's co-worker, Karen, in taking care of the hundreds of books that are donated each week to the store.

Sue's schedule is getting busier, with much time spent in attending counselling appointments led by Pastor John. She is being allowed to take more part in these sessions, and is also using what she learns in her everyday life, encouraging and counselling various people on a much less formal basis. She is also involved in a think tank which is heading up Know Hope, the peer group-based support groups held under the banner of Ottawa Prayer Centre. The Know Hope initiative is going to start later this autumn, with three peer groups, and will certainly grow as more groups are added. There is already much interest being shown in Know Hope. Please pray for those on the board, as we discuss, pray and do the necessary practical work before the launch later this year. Very recent news is that Sue has been elected as Director of Know Hope, a voluntary post, to oversee the planning and ongoing work of the initiative.

Small groups have begun again at CCC, and we are heading up a Missions Group on Monday evenings for twelve weeks. It is being held at our home, and is basically a relaxed look at missions from a Biblical perspective, and will also involve learning from the personal experience of those who attend the group. We are already involved in sourcing opportunities to serve the local community alongside our group; more news of that next time!!

Sue is also co-leading a group with a friend, Jane, called Coffee and Convo. It is for ladies, and each week has a different format as we seek to share, discuss and enjoy fellowship. The group is already full, which is exciting, and five weeks into our semester, is going very well, allowing a relaxed space in which to fellowship, grow and get closer to God.

Please pray for both groups as we listen to God and see others grow in their faith.

Ian has been gainfully employed in working at the church, doing various practical work, as well as his stints at PADS. He is also taking part in a guitar group at the church, generally practising and learning together with like-minded others. Sue may also pop in occasionally to sing! Ian has also played with the worship group in recent weeks on an occasional basis.

Ian also led a session of 21 Days of Prayer, a bi-annual event at CCC, talking about “looking out”, or sharing our faith outside the church walls. This was well received and many people thanked Ian for encouraging them in their own efforts to do just this.

One recent event which was exciting to us was a children's gathering at Cup of Cold Water Ministries (CCWM), the missions organisation just along the road from Ottawa. This took place to teach young children (aged between five and eight) what it means to take the Gospel to a foreign country. It was an excellent event, well thought out by the organisers, and involved Sue acting the part of a Romanian lady living in a wooden cabin and speaking only Romanian. It went really well, and the children managed to convey their message (about a forthcoming ice cream party!) by miming and showing pictures. All credit to those who put much prayer and thought into the event. The twenty or so kids went home having learned a lot about missions and how to share God's love with people different than themselves.

Sue in her role at CCWM.
Sue in her role at CCWM.


In September, Sue was humbled and encouraged to read this article, written by Shari from Cup of Cold Water; please click here or type it into your computer to read her write-up on a visit we had earlier in the month!


The next few months are packed with opportunities to share our faith and show love to those around us. Two events are scheduled at CCWM, one a volunteer night and also another evangelism day. Having taken part in two such days, we are looking forward to taking part in this one in early November.

Sue is expecting to share one to one with several younger women, and pray and encourage them in their journeys.

On October 5th we both volunteered as part of CCC's work crew during Labour of Love, an annual event helping to renovate a home belonging to a less well-off family in the local area.

Sue working at Labour of Love
Sue working at Labour of Love.

We will both be involved in a fund raising event for Ottawa Prayer Centre in October, as well as other possible events held in the Centre itself.

From now until early December, we will be leading the two small groups, so would value your prayers as we prepare and learn together with our attendees.


This is an announcement that will come as a surprise to many of you. Here goes…

Some months ago, God began speaking to us about out current situation as opposed to that in past years. After much prayer, we talked to J.A.R.S.' trustees, and shared with them our thoughts and the way God had been guiding and directing. As a result of this, and again after prayer on the Trustees' part, it has been decided that we will close J.A.R.S. down sometime over the next few months. The reason for this is that J.A.R.S. was originally started to oversee our work, which was then in Romania. Right from the beginning, J.A.R.S.' funds were separated from our own support, and used for the ministries we were involved in in Romania. Sadly, but understandably, since God called us out of Romania and into Ottawa, the giving to J.A.R.S.' work has dwindled, partly because, since the summer of 2017 we have not been available to update supporters back in the U.K. This means that, effectively, we will be unable to continue to support the work in Romania as we have been, giving to Hannah for their work amongst the poor families and also their summer camps, and to the Gypsy village for the regular parcels for the families. While in one way this saddens us, we have heard clearly from the Lord that our time there is finished, and that we need to look forward not back. There is a season for everything, and we are convinced that our season working in Romania has ended, and that God has moved us on in every way to Ottawa, Illinois. We have contacted those who have been giving specifically to J.A.R.S., and they have made their own decisions as to future giving. We expect that the actual closure will take place over the next few months, once all the financial issues have been dealt with and we are certain that we have covered all the aspects of the matter we are able.

All of this doesn't mean that we will forget our Romanian friends and colleagues. We will still stay in touch and report on the ongoing work over there, as well as their personal situations, and who knows, maybe we will one day run a missions trip to Radauti??!!

It is also important to say that this newsletter will continue every two months (usually!), as will our updates by email in between when necessary. Please do continue to support us as the Lord leads, and to pray for us (as well as those working back in Romania). We are still missionaries, albeit on a different continent and to different people-groups. God is guiding and directing, and we are convinced that He will continue to do so as we seek Him for our present and future ministry.

If you have any questions about this issue, please contact us at
info at Change the "at" to @


In relation to the above announcement, we are still trying to contact two generous donors who for some time have been giving monthly gifts into J.A.R.S.' account. One is a Mr. Henderson and the other is anonymous, as we only have vague bank details on the charity's bank statements each month. Please, please get in touch at the above email address; we would like the opportunity to thank you personally for your giving, and to explain in more detail the changes that will be taking place very soon.


Also in connection to the forthcoming closure of J.A.R.S., if anyone would like to financially support the work going on in Romania, please get in touch. We are already in touch with one donor who gives regularly to the work in the Gypsy village, but for anyone who would like to give in the future either to this work or to Hannah's ministry, please let us know asap. Further to the subject of finances, we appreciate the regular and occasional gifts that we receive from supporters towards our own support. If you would like to support us either on a monthly basis or now and then, please ask for details of how to do it. Thank you.


Although we are looking forward to what God has for us to do here in Ottawa, we want to update you occasionally on what He is doing back in Romania; closing J.A.R.S. does not mean we have forgotten the work there, and especially the colleagues who are carrying on the loving outreach. Misu and Livia have come to the end of a typically busy summer of camps and the annual conference. J.A.R.S. sent them a gift of £1,000 towards the cost of these events a couple of months ago. Sadly this may be the last donation we can send from J.A.R.S.' dwindling funds.

One of the children's activities.
One of the children's activities.
The bonfire
The bonfire.
Learning in the big outdoors.
Learning outdoors.
Some of the children at the end of the camp.
Some of the children at one of the camps.

Misu sent out a letter to their supporters. Here is the start of that letter: "Our dear friends, Thank God for your friendship and for everything that has given us the chance to do this year. We thank you for the support we have from you and we pray that God will bless you." I have put the whole letter on the website, you can find it by clicking here.

A gift has also been sent to Petrica and Viorica, towards the sterling work they continue to do in the Gypsy village of Voivodeasa, working amongst their own people on a daily basis in their home, and serving a hot meal to anyone in the village who needs one as often as they can. £400 has been given from J.A.R.S.' account, a portion of which is from a regular supporter of this work. Thank you.

Viorica serving some of the children
Viorica serving some of the children.


We have now been living and ministering in Ottawa, Illinois for almost seventeen months, and are looking into procuring more permanent status in the U.S. With that goal in mind, we are researching the options open to us. Please pray for this endeavour and for the right lawyer to help us in our next steps; also for the finance this will all entail. Thank you.


We thank God for each one of you, and ask that he blesses you as you faithfully pray for and support the work here; thank you for your faith in us, and for the contact you keep with us. We love being here (because it is where the Lord has placed us) and are excited about His plans for us as we seek His face in prayer.

Please keep praying!! Without that support we cannot do what we do.

Numbers 6:24-26
“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”

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