Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 16th August 2018

Newsletter for July - August 2018.

What a mighty God we serve!

Therefore with Angels, and Archangels, and with all the company of heaven, we laud and magnify thy glorious Name; evermore praising thee, and saying: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts, heaven and earth are full of thy glory: Glory be to thee, O Lord most High. Amen.

From the Third Eucharistic Prayer.


Our thanks to you all who have continued to pray and support since our last missive; your support is invaluable to us, and we thank God for each one of you.


Life is busy, with both of us making new contacts and becoming more entrenched in the community and the church.

Our car is running well, and took us to Ohio and back a few weeks ago, proving its worth and stamina! Sue is driving all the time now, and Ian recently passed his test here and gained his US license. Because of visa regulations, Sue had to travel further to take her test, but after much ado with document problems, she passed first time! We thank God for His healing power, enabling Sue to drive after so many years of difficulties.

We have recently attended two meetings at a local missions organisation. The first was a prayer and discussion meeting, when we met with many like-minded people from our area, making contacts and sharing our thoughts for future plans. The second was a "Go night", when around fifteen people attended. These folk have been called by God to missions work, and we headed up a discussion group and took part in generally encouraging everyone in their calling, and sharing some of our experiences with them.

Both of us are attending weekly small group meetings, and Sue is hoping to run one of her own in the autumn term (or fall semester!!). It may involve knitting and crochet, but nothing is definite yet - watch this space!

Church activities continue to keep us busy as we attend the services and other events a picnic and baptism is coming up soon, as well as Twenty-one days of Prayer, a bi-annual event when we meet every weekday morning at 6am (8am on Saturdays) to seek God for the future work and ministry of the church and to pray for those both inside and outside the fellowship.

At the end of July, we helped to set up, prepare, serve and clean up after a community lunch held at CCC. This is open to anyone who wants to come, and around a hundred and fifty homeless and lonely people were there, enjoying good food and friendly fellowship.

Sue is still working voluntarily at LilyPADS Too, the charity shop which funds the work of our local homeless shelter. The shop recently opened to the public after months of preparation, and a time of prayer led by a local minister was held to hand over the work to God. It's a great ministry to be involved with, and allows Sue to meet people who do not attend our church: very important, as our aim is to share Christ with those outside as well as those in our own fellowship!

Sue is also involved in more and more counselling sessions with Pastor John, and is loving it! Although these sessions can be harrowing, Sue is fascinated and is learning from an expert counsellor. As mentioned last time, she hopes to attend a course to help her learn more of the skills necessary to practice pastoral care. It seems that God is leading Sue along this path, and opening doors to allow her to watch and learn and develop her interest and desire to help others as she herself was helped two years ago.

Amanda, the lady Sue visits each week together with a friend from Church is thankful for the contact. We are seeing progress in her ability to be more assertive, especially as she deals with medical personnel in her bid to get the right treatment for her sickness. Her family problems continue, but we are seeing some positives here, too. Her faith is an inspiration to us; in spite of all her difficulties, she is continuing to trust the Lord and loves to talk about Him and to pray whenever we visit.

A local knitting group also allows Sue to mix with people who are not in the church. It's a great opportunity to get to know several very nice ladies (and one man!) who meet each week in a local coffee bar.

As usual, Ian has been helping people with various vehicles, and is in great demand to help and advise on all matters practical!

He has also been asked (and has accepted the invitation!) to do practical work around the church building. The hours depend on how much work there is, and he is to be paid an hourly rate as and when he does the necessary tasks. The church is only too happy to accept that other, more important things, take precedence over Ian's handyman jobs, so this will be a help to the church as well as to us financially. Praise God for His provision! The cost of living is much higher here than in Romania, and this is one way in which Ian can legally earn money to help towards our personal needs and expenses.


Over the past few weeks, we have met with two friends who were visiting Illinois. One, from Ohio, we met whilst running a camp back in 2009, on a mountian-top in Romania. It was great to meet with Byron and catch up on all his news over lunch.

The second lunch (!) was in Wheaton, where Doamna Liliana, the one-time headmistress and pioneer of the Christian school in Iași, was studying at the College for two months this summer. Only God could bring us together in the mid-west!! It was a lovely time of catching up and reminiscing, and we thank God for these opportunities to see these dear friends after many years.


We want to say a huge thank you to some supporters who recently gave a very generous gift to our personal support, as well as to another dear friend who has begun to give on a monthly basis to our needs; not mentioning names, but we really appreciate your love and kindness. God bless you and all who give financially to our own needs as well as to J.A.R.S.' funds or specifically to the Christian school in Iași.


The teaching course on the Holy Spirit we mentioned in our last letter is going ahead, but neither of us felt comfortable with taking part due to its background. We pray that God will lead those attending, and that His Spirit will guide and direct the proceedings as they seek Him.

On Sunday, August 5th., Twenty One Days of Prayer begins at CCC. Each weekday morning at 6am we meet for an hour to pray for the church, the town and many, many other needs (Saturday we begin at 8am). It's an exciting time when God works among His people, and draws us together as we seek His face. On 18th. August, Ian has been invited to lead the meeting by giving a short talk before prayer begins.

We continue to seek God for His guidance and direction as we settle in to our new surroundings, and to ask Him to sell our house in Romania; without this sale, we cannot look for a property here in Ottawa, so please join us as we pray about this matter.


Mișu and Livia are currently working their socks off, running several camps as well as the annual conference at the Brodina site.

Petrica and Viorica are hosting several people each day in their home in the Gypsy village and continuing to show them God's love by praying, feeding, talking and sharing their faith. Sad news recently was that Dragomir, one of the Gypsies (the father of Sara, the little girl with the cleft palate) died in a car accident a few weeks ago. His own son and two other boys were with him in the van, and all were seriously injured. We have had no more news on the state of their health, but will keep you informed as and when we hear anything else.


That we will hear God's voice as we seek His will for our lives and ministry here in Ottawa

That God will use us in the many situations we find ourselves in, and help us to show God's love to all we meet

That our connection with the aforementioned missions group will be as close or as casual as He wills

For Amanda, who Sue is visiting on a weekly basis, that her health will improve and allow her to attend church, which will enable her to have more contact with other Christians, as well as to hear the Word in person. Pray, too, for her family difficulties

That Sue can be used as she participates in the counselling sessions, and have compassion and love for those she serves in this way

For the sale of the house in Volovăţ. God knows why it has not yet sold. We know that it is in His hands, and try to be patient! Livia has told us that a family from Brașov (further south in Romania) are very keen to see the house in early September; we're trusting God that they will indeed show up to look at it, unlike many others who have shown an interest, and that they will decide to buy.


For the fact that we are here (for eleven weeks!) and are becoming involved in the local community and the church family

For the amazing welcome and friendship we are experiencing, and for those who are becoming close friends

For our vehicle and for Sue's ability to drive - a huge blessing, giving her freedom. Praise God for this!

For the opportunities opening up to us as we move forward and get to know more people in God's time

For God's provision through His people, and the opportunity for Ian to be paid for his work in the church building, helping towards our financial needs

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