Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 24th June 2018

Newsletter for May - June 2018.

Hello, dear friends, and thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Much has happened since our last missive, so be prepared for a longish letter this time, giving all the exciting news of our new lives and ministry in Ottawa, Illinois.


As you know, we have had a long journey (geographically and time-wise) since God called us out of Romania after twenty-six years of ministry there and into Ottawa, Illinois, where He first brought us two years ago for what we thought was a two-month visit for much-needed therapy for Sue.

We finally received the approval for the visas at the end of March and attended our interview at the London Embassy in mid-April. Our flights took place on May 8th, and landed us here safe and sound (after an incredibly smooth journey), to be warmly welcomed by Pastor John and his wife Glenda. The evening after our arrival, the church held a "pot luck" supper in our honour. Around thirty adults attended, along with numerous children, and we felt truly blessed to be welcomed with such love.


All that occurred six weeks ago now, and we feel as if we have been here much longer!

We are staying in the same apartment we occupied when we visited in 2016, and it is a blessing to be in such calm and beautiful surroundings. We see squirrels, possums and deer all the time, and the fire flies have started to appear at dusk every night. I (Sue) saw a ground hog a few days ago, and Ian has seen a raccoon.

As well as the three-week loan of a car from one of the church elders, we have been given the use of several others, and one church family have very kindly given us a car to keep! It’s a Dodge Grand Caravan, and is a people carrier which can be converted to a van as the seats fold right into the floor! Although not new, it is great, and Ian has been working on the few minor needs it had to make it even better. It is now insured and officially ours, so we are grateful to God for His provision through such a generous family.

Our new car
Our new car.

I am now ready to practice driving the van; I have been driving a smaller car since we got here, but need to get used to a bigger and longer vehicle before going very far!! Praise God that He has healed me, and that I can drive at all, and please pray that I will soon get used to the van.

Over these five weeks, we have started to get involved with church life and to get to know people better, both inside and outside the church.

Ian has already fixed a few vehicles for friends as well as our own, and I have been busy making contacts and generally integrating into the community. I have been visiting a lady each week since we arrived who has health issues as well as problems within her family. Alongside another lady from church, we have got to know her better and pray with her each time we visit.

We are both attending separate small groups each week, and are currently going through a Next Steps course for four weeks, which explains the background of the church and helps us to see our place in its ministry.

Both of us have volunteered to be greeters on Sunday mornings, and of course attend most of the meetings and whatever else is going on at the 807 Building, where the church meets.


At the end of July, we are going to attend a course related to the moving of the Holy Spirit, to enable us to help lead a series of gatherings in our own church. This will be in a town about two hours away from Ottawa, and will take place over five days.

Also in July, we have been asked to lead a group at a local Missions event, for people who feel called to serve as missionaries either at home or abroad. We are very excited about this event!!

I am following God's call to get involved in some kind of counselling or pastoral care, and will be accompanying Pastor John (who is a trained counsellor) to some of his appointments with clients. He has also suggested I might attend a series of short courses to help me to learn more about the basics of counselling. Please pray for this decision and for the provision to cover the costs.

I have volunteered with a local charity shop which will open soon in Ottawa. It's called LilyPads Too, and its profits will go into the work of PADS, the local homeless shelter. At present, I am working two mornings per week, but have said I am willing to help more if they need me and I am available. Although I applied to volunteer specifically in the book "department", I have also been asked to deal with the yarn and fabric, crafts, etc., so that's exciting, too!! It's a great way to get to know people outside the church, and I am already making friends and enjoying the repartee with other volunteers and staff at the shop.

We are still praying for guidance as we go through this period of transition; during prayer, God showed Ian a feather coming to rest after floating here and there on the air currents, so we are waiting for Him to land the feather (us!!) where He wants us to be, doing what He wants us to do.

Ian is as always helping people with practical needs, fixing cars and other machinery and generally being Ian!!


Sadly, we have not yet sold the house in Volovăț. Several people have viewed it, and one couple really wanted it, but wanted to pay us monthly!!

We are looking around here and have been to see three houses, one of which we loved but it sold before we had time to nab it!

God knows the answer to this difficulty, so we are trying to be patient and wait on Him.


We keep in regular touch with our friends and co-workers in Romania.

Misu and Livia are once again gearing up for the many summer camps and annual conference held at Brodina. They are planning several camps run by themselves and also hope to allow other groups to use the site over the summer months.

Petrica and Viorica still have a houseful of people almost every day, whom they serve with food and drink, prayers, friendship, a listening ear, witness and love.

Vladimir has passed on the leadership of the Baptist Church in Voivodeasa to Cristi, one of the Gypsy men, and the church continues to meet.


Please pray for the following:

That we will be open to God's leading as we continue to settle in to our new surroundings and ministry here.

For future plans, including the courses we will attend, that God will bless and guide us.

For the people whose lives we touch, that we can show them Jesus and His love.

That God will provide a buyer for the Romanian house, thus cutting that physical tie with our former home, and provide us with the right home here in Ottawa.

For all the ongoing work in Romania, that God will provide our dear friends with the finance, strength and discernment needed to serve Him and His people.

For our own financial needs; the cost of living here in the States is much higher than that in Romania. Please pray for our needs to be met.


We really appreciate your ongoing support and prayers. Please do keep in touch, as your letters, emails, etc., really bless us and encourage us.

Philipppians 1:3 I thank God every time I remember you.

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