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Clinic : Podu Iloaiei

During one of our visits, we were introduced to Dr. Irina Craus, one of four medical doctors running a clinic in the village of Podu Iloaiei some thirty kilometres outside Iasi itself. Although Irina and other medical staff had fought hard and long to establish and furnish the clinic, over several years, they are still short of fairly basic equipment. J.A.R.S. hopes to help by providing much-needed medical items so that necessary treatment and even minor surgery can be given to the fairly large population of Podu Iloaiei. Ailments range from many cases of bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory problems to infections of fingers and hands. Many of the patients are children, and during the winter there are sometimes eighty young patients for each of the four doctors. Social problems are often behind the more obvious medical ones, and the medical staff would be grateful for any help we can give them.

Dr. Irina and the dentist.
Dr. Irina on the right with the dentist.

We met the dentist on our July 98 trip and she asked if we could take any items to do with dentistry. Please help if you can.

For five years Joy Champion fund-raised for a scanner for the clinic after meeting Dr Irina on one of our previous trips.

Joy came with us in August 2005 to hand over the scanner to Dr Irina and we were able to see it in action.

Below are two pictures from the trip. The first shows Dr Irina using the scanner and the second shows Joy with Irina beside the scanner.

Joy and ourselves at J.A.R.S. along with Irina would like to thank everyone who gave towards the scanner project.

The scanner in use.
The scanner in use.
Joy and Irina beside the scanner.
Joy and Irina beside the scanner.

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