Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 8th August 2015

General needs for the running of the charity

We always need cash for the general running of the office, projects and van etc.

We help with summer camps through Hannah, and Ian and Sue attend the camps where Sue tells a story, games are played and other activities happen. Finance is needed for these and sometimes volunteers go to help run them.

Finance is also needed for the two volunteers, Ian and Sue who work in Romania. As volunteers they are financed through donations only.

Needs for the Clinic

The clinic is situated in a small village and so does not get any aid except what we provide. The doctors have fought for a new building, which was eventually granted but not stocked.

The specific items we have been asked for are:
basic medical equipment, such as bandages, plasters etc.

Also we have recently been asked for anything to do with dentistry.

Needs for the School

The needs for the School are varied.

Due to more and more children attending the school, the decision has been made to build on three more classrooms, plus a gym to ease the very cramped conditions for pupils and staff alike. Work has already begun, and we could see the shape of the extra rooms when we arrived; the building work must be finished by the beginning of the next school year in September.

Costs for this work are high, the total bill will come to around 200,000 Euros. Cristi told us that the school is selling a piece of land which they hope will bring in 80,000, so 120,000 will still be outstanding; in the meantime, while this land sells, a parent has loaned the school the 80,000 so that the work can go ahead.

Please pray for this endeavour - Cristi and Rebeca are willing to make huge personal sacrifices to make it happen, as they are so committed to the school and the work of God going on there. If you are able to give to this work, please let us know and we will pass on your gifts, however small, to help to cover the costs (do please contact us by email if possible before making your donation, so we can channel it to the right account, etc.).

Ian has also been asked to install the computer equipment, etc., into this new area - for this, we will need to spend some time in Iasi in September, and of course, this, too, will cost something (much less than if someone had to be paid for the work), and an approximate costing is listed below.

  • Network Cable
  • Computer systems
  • Other bits and pieces as needed to install the above

If anyone has any of the above they can donate please get in touch and we will see how to get it to us.

Also any peripherals like printers, scanners and other items that can be used at a school for learning would be useful. When they come over Ian can install them and get everything up and running.

JARS has recently become an official Microsoft Refurbisher so any computer systems can be refurbished to a high standard and can have legal Microsoft software installed. This also includes any data wiping from the systems correctly to ensure the donors security.

An ideal situation would be if a company or organisation were going to renew their system it could be brought over and re-installed here. Even parts would be useful as Ian can upgrade the existing machines with newer parts and get some old computers back into service.

The children have to supply all of their own books, pens, pencils etc. and these are not provided by the government. Also because the school has been set up as a privately run school each child must pay the government for attending the school.

Some people sponsor the school at ten UK pounds a month. This helps the school to give bursuries to children who are not able to pay to go to the school.

Long term needs

If you have anything you would like to offer us, click here. to let us know what you have, see if it is useful and how to transport it to Romania.

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