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Last updated 3rd August 2015

RWCS Richard Wurmbrand Christian school, Iaşi.

The Richard Wurmbrand Christian School was born out of the vision of one woman who was greatly influenced by the sacrificial lives of Pastor Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Liliana Romaniuc was an educator, a Romanian, and a Christian. She was the first person who dared to think about having a Christian school in the city of Iaşi, Romania. A few years after the fall of communism in Romania in 1989, Liliana and a small group of dedicated, Christian teachers started meeting together with the idea of opening a Christian school. For three years they prayed and sought God's direction and provision as they began to design a philosophy of education for a Christian school in the context of their Romanian culture. As a result, the Richard Wurmbrand Christian School was founded in September of 1995.

Ian and Sue met Liliana just as the school was opening and J.A.R.S. have supported the work at the school since then through gifts of aid for the pupils, monetary donations through some of our supporters and in 2012 Ian went to the school to donate and install some computer equipment for their ageing computer lab.

The computer lab with the old computers.
The computer lab with the old computers.
The computer lab with the old computers
The computer lab with the new computers.

Ian and Sue visited the school in May 2014, and found that new classrooms are needed as the school is expanding year on year and more room is needed for the extra pupils.

The decision has been made to build on six more classrooms, plus a gym to ease the very cramped conditions for pupils and staff alike. Work has already begun, and we could see the shape of the extra rooms when we arrived, the building work must be finished by the beginning of the next school year in September 2015.

Costs for this work are high, the total bill will come to around 200,000 Euros. The school has recently sold a piece of land which has brought in 80,000, so 120,000 will still be outstanding.

Please pray for this endeavour - Cristi and Rebeca are willing to make huge personal sacrifices to make it happen, as they are so committed to the school and the work of God going on there. If you are able to give to this work, please let us know and we will pass on your gifts, however small, to help to cover the costs (do please contact us by email if possible before making your donation, so we can channel it to the right account, etc.)

Ian has also been asked to install the computer equipment, etc., into this new area - for this, we will need to spend some time in Iaşi in September, and of course, this, too, will cost something (much less than if someone had to be paid for the work), some of the items needed are listed below.

  • 19 inch rack mount cabinet
  • Patch panel
  • Switch
  • Network Cable
  • Computer systems
  • Other bits and pieces as needed to install the above

Most of the computer equipment has been donated by Local Telecom Services - York and now we only need the computer systems for the classrooms. Ian went late last year to move two computer labs and install the equipment in the new building.

Ian and Sue were again in Iaşi in July 2014 and here is a picture of the building progress.

Sue with Cristi the headmaster surveying the work.
Sue with Cristi the headmaster surveying the work.
The school building work coming on
The foundations and first floor cieling in place.

The progress as of November 2014.

Outside of building being finished off.
Outside of building being finished off.
The new cabinet with switch etc. all working
The new cabinet with switch etc. all working.

Update as of May 2015.

Ian and Sue spent a couple of days in May 2015 catching up on the progress of the new build. They were able to see the new extension to the building, comprising six classrooms and a gym area with bathrooms and changing rooms. The gym is now in use as are the changing rooms; only the bathrooms are in need of essentials such as toilets and washbasins, etc., although they are already tiled and the water source is in place.

The classrooms are also much advanced compared to our last visit; the walls and doors are in place, all the windows are fitted and the hallway is tiled.

Cristi and the rest of the school's staff are very keen to have all the work finished by the start of the next school year in September, but unfortunately the funds have dried up and work is, for the time being, at a standstill.

Work still to be completed is as follows:
1. Completion of the bathrooms
2. Plaster boarding of the ceilings and walls plus flooring in the classrooms, plus general finishing work throughout
3. Central heating radiators throughout the extension.

Our estimate of the cost of all this comes to £10,000 +. Obviously, this cost would be greatly reduced if labour costs didn't have to be included.

Please pray with us that these costs can be met; the staff and pupils of the school are doing a great job of managing in their current cramped space, never complaining about lack of a playing area or packed classrooms as the number of pupils increases year after year.

The gym, now being used.
The gym, now being used.
The bathrooms for the gym waiting for toilets etc.
The bathrooms for the gym waiting for toilets etc.

We do have some supporters who give £10 a month towards the running of the school. If you would like to donate either on a one off basis or through a monthly donation then please get in touch through our contact page and we will get back to you with the necessary details

The school does have it's own web page but it is only in Romanian. If you would like to have a look you can find it here.

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