Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

Jesus And Relief Supplies,
P.O. Box 219,
Bishop Auckland,
DL14 4BB,
United Kingdom.

Last updated 8th August 2015

How can you help us ?

How can you help us? There are many ways individuals can help the work of J.A.R.S.

In the past individuals have been sponsored to raise funds, sometimes for a specific project like the children's camps or sometimes just for general funds. Are you doing any sporting events that you could be sponsored, like running a marathon or even a shorter race. Classes of school children have done a sponsored silence where the whole class were involved.

You might want to get your hands dirty and do some work !! Maybe you would like to be involved in a trip out to Romania to help the work there. Can you drive a truck ? You could have a collection of needed aid items and then drive them out to us. Maybe you can think of other ways you would like to be involved.

Before Ian and Sue moved to Romania they were the people who did the majority of the work in the UK. Collecting sorting, packing and even driving out to Romania as well as giving talks on the work that was done there. When they moved there was no one to take over this role so now there are no aid collections or trips to Romania other than their trip back to the UK once a year to update supporters. If you feel passionate about getting involved in this way then get in touch and we can talk about what is involved.

Whatever you decide please get in touch before you start to see that it is OK with us and that any items collected can be used in Romania.

You can now help J.A.R.S. by just shopping online as you would normally but going through another web site called easyfundraising. To find out more click here. The site explains it all and the shops that are donating are ones people use all the time.

By clicking on the banners below J.A.R.S. can get paid a commission payment.

We can not guarantee all of the products, some we have used and some we haven't.

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