Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

Jesus And Relief Supplies,
P.O. Box 219,
Bishop Auckland,
DL14 4BB,
United Kingdom.

Last updated 4th August 2015

An overview of what we do.

J.A.R.S. was started up officially in September 1993, after four people interested in and praying for Romania got together and prayed, pushing on doors which God opened so wide that we fell through them rather than walked.

The aims of the Charity are as follows:

  1. To relieve poverty and sickness,
  2. To further the Christian Gospel, and
  3. To promote education.

We endeavour to fulfil these aims in the following ways:

  1. To work alongside Romanian Nationals, especially Christians, and to encourage them by prayer, support and provision of resources.
  2. We visit a Christian School and provide literature and other supplies for their use.
  3. A Clinic also receives practical help through J.A.R.S.
  4. Anything else that God leads us to do and to be involved in.

In this we aim to become a service to all who wish to help Romania.

We do have leaflets that can explain more about what is needed and how to send it. We also, ofcourse, need cash for day to day expenses, please give in this way if you can. You may send a cheque made payable to J.A.R.S., If you are a UK citizen please think about gift aiding your gifts; this way we can recover the tax, and your gift will increase at no extra cost to yourself. Ask us for more details.

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