Jesus And Relief Supplies is a UK registered charity working in and for the People of Romania.
We are based in the North East of England and have a couple working full time in North East Romania.

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Last updated 10th February 2019

Newsletter for January - February 2019.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight". Proverbs 3 v. 5 - 6.

These are the words God has given me recently; well-known verses, but nonetheless extremely relevant to our current situation, and indeed every situation we could find ourselves in!


As usual, we thank you all for your ongoing prayers and support. As we go about our ministry here in Ottawa, Illinois, we thank God for your crucial part in the work God has given us to do, and ask Him to bless you for your faithfulness towards us over many years.

Without you, our supporters, we could not have done what God called us to do; whether you support financially, prayerfully or practically, we appreciate you and the help you are to us every day.


We continue to be busy almost all the time! After a short lull at Christmas (when we spent time volunteering at PADS homeless shelter here in Ottawa), we are back into the busyness of everyday life, and loving every minute of it!

Ian has been gainfully employed recently, helping to demolish and renovate part of the church building in order to make space for new bathrooms on the "sanctuary" level. In addition, he has helped friends with car repairs, often in cold conditions outside, and does regular shifts at PADS, serving breakfast and clearing up before leaving for a day's work elsewhere.

Sue continues to sit in on counselling sessions with Pastor John, and to volunteer two mornings each week at Liliypads Too, the charity shop whose profits go towards the running of the shelter.

She is currently the church coordinator for an initiative called Explore God Chicago, which is geared to encourage people who are seeking purpose for their lives to come and discuss some basic questions over a seven week period, and to attend Sunday meetings to hear the same subjects taught by our pastor.

The preparations are over, and Sue is co-leading a discussion group each week. The first meeting went really well, with three guests attending and a good rapport starting up. One lady in particular seemed interested in attending Sunday's service to hear more. Please pray for "our" people, also for others attending groups throughout the area, that they will discover God for themselves and realise how much He loves them.

Both of us are involved in the church, Sue as a greeter on Sunday mornings and Ian attending a men's prayer meeting on Wednesdays. Sue also meets with various people who need encouragement and prayer and we are both looking forward to the new "semester" of small groups which will start in a few weeks' time.

The last Sunday in January saw us both helping to set up, serve and clear up after a community lunch held at CCC. Well over a hundred people attended. ItƏs a huge privilege to be involved in this ministry.


On February 9th, we will be teaching sections of a day course on evangelism and discipleship to be held by a local missions organisation, CCWM. Please pray for us as we teach, and for those attending the course, that God will bless and guide.

Later in February Sue will once again drive up to Lombard, where she will take part in the second session of the Clergy Clinic course (the first one was back in October). This is part of the training for counselling. Please pray that she can take in and take part!

Also during February, we plan to hold a Trustees' Meeting for J.A.R.S. via Skype. Pray for God's favour on the technicalities involved, as well as on the content of our discussion.


I am writing this part of the letter on February 6th, the day the house in Volovăț has finally sold! Thank you for your faithful prayers, we never stopped believing that it would be sold at the right time - and this must be God's timing. Please join us now as we pray for His provision of a house here in Ottawa. Financially speaking, there is little available, but we are trusting God. There is a possibility, but for it to materialise, there will have to be a miracle. We can't say more than that, but we will, of course, keep you posted as things develop and God releases the right property to us.

It is such a relief, and we also thank Livia and MiÛu, our dear friends, for their hard work for so many months, doing the showing around and, latterly, paperwork, etc. Livia said this morning, "We have liberated you!", and it's true; the final physical tie with Romania has been cut!

Whilst in the throes of deciding whether or not to go ahead with this particular buyer, as we were praying we felt God prompting us to stick with him (the buyer), rather than to go with another lady who showed an interest. Although the offer he had made was a thousand less than our "bottom price", we knew that God could supply our needs (as he has for twenty-eight years), so went ahead. Just after we had made that decision, someone emailed us and said that, as she was praying for us and the right way to go, she saw us accepting this offer, and God supplying the thousand at this end. That is exactly what happened! Someone who didn't know anything about this dilemma gave us the thousand we were worrying about. Isn't God good?!

Watch this space for more news of our house hunting escapades!


Once again, we want to thank all those who give to our personal needs and to the ministry of J.A.R.S. We thank God for the regular gifts coming in, as well as for those who give on an occasional basis. Your gifts to J.A.R.S. are still being used for the work in Romania, for the camps, the school and the ministry of Petrica and Viorica.

Our own situation remains the same:

Our visas allow Ian to be paid by the church only, so he is grateful when work is available to boost our income. Sue is not allowed to work for money, so all she does is voluntary.

The cost of living here is much higher than that in Romania, making our outgoings higher - and these will increase again when we have a house of our own to pay for, along with utility bills!

Please pray with us for God's provision. We know from experience that He is our provider, and that He will never let us down.... but, as an ex-missionary told us when we first left our paid jobs many years ago, we don't live by faith, we live by money!!

Please do keep in touch with us when you can. Your contact is really important to us, and we love to receive letters, emails, messages, etc.

God bless each one of you.

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